Recovery From Sexual Abuse

Recovery of Sexual Abuse

Be free from abuse 

Look at the bird.

It is possible to feel free again.

Please feel free to call me to discuss your needs.

I am highly experienced at helping people through trauma to a place of better functionality.

Sexual Abuse is a potentially life changing event. Difficult as it is, it can be dealt with in a way that can enable freedom and a healthy way of moving forward. In RCH I have a philosophy and practice  and vast experience at helping people move on in a good way in a relatively short period of time. I work efficiently and sensitively with the mind and emotions at the pace that you are comfortable with.

Rapid Core Helaing is an ideal way to self heal trauma in a way that is non-traumatising and safe. Please contact us to discuss your treatment

Book an intial session and receive a 10% discount when you book a package of 3-5 sessions at the end of the first session. Alternatively you may contact me to discuss if this is suitable for you.

Contact me to discuss your situation to see whether this approach is suitable for you.

Details New Dawn From Sexual Abuse Recovery


Recovery From Sexual Abuse


Sexual abuse can have lasting effects. If you are struggling to get over it, put it into the past or get over the shame and guilt or trust issues left behind then at Rapid Core Healing Yildiz is highly experienced in helping people move on relatively quickly. She has been working in this area for twenty years and has developed unique ways of working to ensure powerful, safe and gently approaches that are adapted to each individual.

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“I had a pattern of being a victim of sexual abuse that started with my uncle and continued as an adult with sexual assault. Rapid Core Healing with Yildiz has been such a turn around for me”. Sue

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