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 For systemic and personal trauma, healing and growth.

Yildiz Sethi book

Yildiz Sethi is the founder of Rapid Core Healing and author of:

Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing: Using the unique dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for personal and systemic health.

Co-Founder, Executive Leadership Coach and Rapid Core Healing Practitioner Abedha Transformations Pty. Ltd 

Sophie Birgan
Director Mind Body Health, Psychotherapist, Coach and Rapid Core Healing Practitioner

While the neuroscience and the theory may be complex, the structures and processes of Rapid Core Healing for, self healing, growth and trauma and sexual abuse recovery are well structured and grounded to ensure safety, efficiency and fast results for the client.

3-5 sessions required for more than 90% of the population (excluding serious DSM5 diagnoses such as schozophrenia etc.


RCH diagram
systemic personal

Why is a dual modality appropriate?

Because people are complex and the problems they carry are often two pronged.

They mostly originate from the family of origin (generational) or from personal (biography) experiences and choices, or both.

Personal or systemic issues may be involve relationships, disturbances, conflicts or trauma.

why this change

Why do we need this change?

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While talk and emotionally focused, expressive therapies, Gestalt, Solution focused, Psychodynamic and CBT and others were revolutionary in their time, they are dated and not equipped to locate deep core issues quickly with accuracy and precision. Further they do not provide specific Healing Pathways for each client’s unique trauma or situation in a unified and holistic approach that is in keeping with the latest in neuroscience and epigenetics research.

Even though I love Family Constellations I found not all issues stem from the family system and so could not be best resolved in this way, so I developed a way of working that is in keeping with the power and simplicity of Family constellations for personal issues.

Go to the checklist to see if this suitable for you if you are a counsellor, psychotherapist, social worker, hypnotherapis.

RCH Philosophy

RCH Philosophy

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Rapid Core Healing operates on the understanding that human beings require Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy for wellness and suffer when these are not part of their experience.

Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is embedded in a philosophy that is highly influenced by Family Constellations, humanistic psychotherapy, phenomenology and a faith in innate human resources. This is a unified holistic, dual approach that has been designed to address human needs and experiences that is practical, experiential and client centred in being able to be applied to individual needs.

This means you don’t have to train in a range of unrelated modalities coming from different philosophies to be able to work efficiently with a wide range of issues such as, depression, anxiety, relationships and family, trauma and sexual abuse or resolving blocks to confidence or success. With RCH philosophy and practice is a unified base you can work in with a wide range of issues involving wellness, coaching or personal development in a seamless way.

Issues relevant for the treatment of Rapid Core Healing

Trauma. Inner conflicts, mental health issues such a depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, the underlying dynamics of addiction and the recovery of sexual abuse, PTSD and couples, family and relationship issues. Also Growth and transformation.

The Rapid Core Healing approach deals with the issue wherever it resides on this continuum in a rapid, experiential and powerful way.

Sexual Assult

While sexaul abuse deos not happen to everyone, the royal mission on sexual abuse and the Me Too movemnet have shown that is it far more prevealent than we had thought. In my private work over 20 years I never know what is below the surface of many issues. In the deep processes I use in Rapid Core Healing sexual abusemay arise as the core of the problem. For this reason I have included recovery for sexual abuse compnents in each of my trainings, as I believe therapists or practitioners should be equipped to deal with it effectively, should it arise, in a way that is resolving, fast and non traumatising.

See New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse clinic

Is this training suitable for you?

While Rapid Core Healing training involves significant personal development and we do our best to meet your needs, it’s purpose is primarily professional training and not your personal psychotherapy. Participants are required to have significant personal development and self-awareness and be fully responsible for their own emotional and psychological state.


This training is for those who are looking for a more effective and up to date ways of working. You must be mature (in attitude) and have experience of life and be excited by innovation and new ideas and open to your own further personal as well as professional development. Most of all you must be compassionate and curious about individual uniqueness.

This is ideal for Coaches, Mental Health workers, Hypnotherapists, Personal Development practitioners and New Practitioners.

If you are trying ways ot be more effective as a practitioner or doing a carreer change.

Read the Solutions blog to find out more about how Rapid Core Healing is being used by for counsellors and coaches as a solution focused answer to the problems and conflicts people face in life.

Coaches and those involved in personal development and education

Rapid Core Healing training will enable you to understand your clients and their problems at a deeper level so that you can be of much greater service. This will greatly enhance your skill set, understanding and ability to help the people you work with move through unconscious blocks swiftly and effortlessly and enhance your business success.


Mental Health Practitioners

Counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, hypnotherapists.

Most mental health practitioners go into this business with a deeply held wish to really make a difference for the people they work with. RCH is an ideal addition to greatly enhance your effectiveness with clients and put you at the leading edge of your own practice or business.

Rapid Core Healing is designed to resolve personal and generational disturbances and trauma, rapidly, safely and deeply in 3-5 sessions for most (excluding those with serious DSMV mental health diagnoses).

Become a Rapid Core Healing practitioner

Become a Rapid Core Healing therapist and start working relatively quickly in individual sessions or groups get insurance  so you can start working with people. This is suitable for those who are wanting to change careers 

who is rch for

Go to the checklist to consider the following questions to see if this suitable for you, if you are a counsellor, psychotherapist, social worker, hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner:

Practitioner Checklist
  1. How long did it take you to complete your training?
  2. What other trainings have you completed to add to your original training?
  3. How much has it cost?
  4. Has what you have done helped you to competently assist your clients in resolving each of the following in an average of 3-5 sessions for most:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Recovery of sexual abuse trauma
  • Incest
  • Trauma
  • The underlying dynamics of trauma
  • Generational patterns
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Resolving sabotage

What areas of human experience does Rapid Core Healing Training equip me to focus on?

Systemic AND Personal issues

  1. Relationships, couples, parenting, single parent and blended families, adoption, fostering
  2. Mental Health Depression, anxiety, panic, self esteem
  3. Wellness
  4. Success, Work Business
  5. Trauma recovery.
  6. Recovery From Sexual AbuseIn

    25 DAYS of face to face experiential training with the founder Yildiz

The Value of becoming a Rapid Core Healing Pracitioner/Therapist

You will receive a copy of the Rapid Core Healing book

Rapid Core Healing training is relatively brief- 21 days. It costs a fraction of the cost and time required to complete most courses.

You will be equipped to work with trauma recovery, personal trauma and generational trauma in one dual modality.

Gives you practical grounded skills and knowledge that you can work with straight away in really assisting people in making positive change.

You will have the skills to work with individuals or groups

Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is a modality that can assist you in giving you the knowledge and skills in bringing you up to speed in a safe and competent manner to help people with deep psychological, emotional and trauma related issues.

  1. RCH is dual approach for fast effective recovery.
  2. EMI is a neuro trance psychotherapy that has a philosophy, therapy and practice for resolving issues at their roots and creating new neural pathways to better health and wellbeing. READ MORE
  3. Family Constellations is a powerful systemic approach for resolving the patterns we carry from our families and is suitable for individuals or groups. READ MORE
  4. You can become an RCH practitioner in a very short time and for a fraction of the cost of any other training in a complete modality. This will be the most valuable investment you have made for your professional development.

Development of Rapid Core Healing

Through a process of sifting, sorting, integrating and the fine-tuning of former modalities with present day psychotherapeutic knowledge, science of the mind hypnosis and my greatest teachers my clients over seventeen years, Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) emerged.

This led to the development of RCH (EMI + Family Constellations) to create a new direction for the future of psychotherapy and personal growth.

Full RCH Training Courses
  • Emotional Mind Integration 
  • Family Constellations
  • Facilitator Business Constellation Facilitator (FC Foundation)
  • Family Constellations Advanced Facilitator (FC Foundation and Deepening)
  • Family Constellations Master Practitioner (FC Foundation and Deepening, Business and Wellness.
  • Rapid Core Healing Facilitator (FC Foundation, EMI, RCH final)
  • Rapid Core Healing Business Practitioner (FC Foundation, Business Constellations, EMI, RCH final)
  • Rapid Core Healing Master Practitioner (FC Foundation, Deepening, Business and Wellness Constellations, EMI, RCH final)
RCH Course Outline
  • Tailoring RCH treatment for individuals.
  • Healing pathways.
  • Integration of Family Constellations and EMI
  • Deciding which comes first EMI or Family Constellations
  • Where is RCH NOT appropriate?

Read More about Family Constellations

Read More about Emotional Mind Integration

RCH Skills
  • Recognise if the issue presented is individual or systemic.
  • Be able to use FC and EMI skills and knowledge competently.
  • Integrate FC and EMI skills and knowledge as required.
  • Integrate troubled Emotional Mind (EM) states and systemic consciousness into the personality

Prerequisites are:

  • Family Constellations Foundation
  • Emotional Mind Integration
RCH with Yildiz

Rapid Core Healing Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to enable participants to integrate their knowledge of Family Constellations workshop and private sessions with Emotional mind integration in order to gain a rounded holistic knowledge and skill to work with individuals holistically with both relational, ancestral and personal issues.

This is a brief dual psychotherapy for relationships, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and trauma. with individuals holistically with both relational, ancestral and personal issues.

Each of the courses Family Constellations Foundation and Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing is IICT approved. You will be able to be registered as a practitioner and have insurance for your practice with IICT International Institute of Complementary Therapy or any independent  indemnity insurer .

Rapid Core Healing Course presentation

Delivery of the course is by Lecture, Power point, Group Discussion, Exercises, Demonstrations, Group practice.

More details of  Family Constellations  Emotional Mind Integration  

What do I have to do to become a
Rapid Core Healing practitioner?

You may book each of the following courses indiviually and pay as you go or book into the whole course and receive a 15% discount if you book and pay in one go. Contact us to do this.

Book into the next:


Book into the full course a Discount. Book NOW


Rapid Core Healing Training Programs

You may become a Rapid Core Healing facilitator or choose to do Emotional Mind Integration or Family Constellations only if you choose.

Rapid Core Healing Therapeutic Stream

This includes recovery from Sexual abuse and trauma throughout each course.

  • Family Constellation Foundation: 12 Days  in -3 four-day blocks-84  hours
  • EMI: 8 days. in 2 fourday blocks 56 Hours
  • Rapid Core Healing Module:  5 Days.35 Hours

Total 25 days 9-5pm 175   hours

Recommendation- Do the full Rapid Core Healing with a 33%  discount.


Rapid Core Healing Business Practitioner Stream

Family Constellation Foundation: 12 Days in 3 four-day blocks-84 hours

Emotional Mind Integration : 8 days 56 hours

Rapid Core Healing Module: 5 days 35 hours

Business Constellations: 3 days 21 hours

Total 28 days 9-5pm 196  hours

Recommendation- Do the full Rapid Core Healing with a 33% discount and add on Business Constellations


Special Offer 33% Discount Option

Do the Full Rapid Core Healing Training and pay for it upfront:

  • Systemic Constellation Foundation 12 days
  • Emotional Mind Integration 8 days
  • Rapid Core Healing 5 days

Total 25 Days

Receive a 33% discount by paying the full amount in one payment,


Alternatively pay as you go through each training

facilitator training

Family Constellations Training

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Family Constellations  Training

Level 1 Family Constellations  Foundation Facilitator 12 days 3 blocks of four days

Systemic Constellations Foundation
Level 1

12 days Three sets of 4 days

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Level 2 Family Constellations Deepening 

Systemic Constellations Deepening
Level 2

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 Advanced Wellness and Dis-ease Facilitator 3 days

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Advanced Business Constellation Facilitator 3 days

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EMI Training

EMI Training

healing facilitator training

Rapid Core Healing Therapist/practitioner Training

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Rapid Core Healing Facilitator

– completion of

Choose to do pay for each training separately or receive a 33%discount by paying in one payment. The Rapid Core Healing training and training at New Dawn are identical. Details



business facilitator training

Orientation and 'catch up' for former Systemic Constellation or trainees from other trainers

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Orientation training* for people who have trained with a reputable systemic Constellations trainer other than us. (3 days) Conditions apply Read More »

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Recovery From Sexual Abuse training for our former Constellation trainees.

Systemic Constellations Recovery From Sexual Abuse training for former Family Constellations trainees (pre-requisite Systemic Constellations Foundation) (3 days) 

If you didnt do your training with us but would like to do this training plese look at doing Orientation above first.

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Emotional Mind Integration Recovery From Sexual Abuse training for former trainees of EMI. (pre-requisite Emotional Mind Integration Foundation)
(3 days) Read More »
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Rapid Core Healing Recovery From Sexual Abuse training for former trainees of Rapid Core Healing (pre-requisite Rapid Core Healing) 

(2 days) Read More »

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master practitioner training

Rapid Core Healing Master Practitioner

Read More

Rapid Core Healing Master Practitioner

Completion of

  • Family Constellations  Foundation 12 days
  • Family Constellations Deepening 12 days
  • Wellness and Dis-ease Facilitator 3 days
  • Business Constellation Facilitator 3 days
  • EMI Facilitator 8 days
  • Rapid Core Healing final module 5 daysTotal 43 days

    Book into each training

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Add-On Recovery for Sexual Abuse onto your Rapid Core Healing Training

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This training will give you the skills and knowledge to work with any sexual abuse situation that may emerge in Constellations or EMI. A valuable addition to your training.

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Special Offer: 33% discount if you pay for a full RCH training program at the onset of training – Contact me or book NOW