Hypnotherapy Diploma For
Personal & Systemic Solutions (PSS)

Diploma & Certificate training in:
Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration &
Rapid Core Healing

An Extraordinary Hypnotherapy Diploma for
Personal and Systemic Solutions (PSS)  – ONLINE

Create a satisfying and successful career to love

Brisbane HypnotherapyAre you looking for a diploma that:

  • Goes beyond the ordinary?

  • Offers you a Point of Difference?

  • Delivers excepțional personal and professional development?

What is so different?

 Extraordinary Hypnotherapy Diploma and Certificate trainings.

  •  We offer you a leading edge.

  •  Full traditional, from foundation to advanced, hypnotherapy training 

    Systemic Family Constellations,
    Emotional Mind Integration
    Rapid Core Healing.

  •    With practical, hands-on and experiential learning.

  •    To transform yourself and your career.

Payment Plans Available


Be the Best Hypnotherapist you can be

A New Hypnotherapy Career Online Approved by Australian Hypnotherapy Associations

Earn While you Learn

A Novel Idea?

See how in the Video

Earn While you Learn

Do the certificate courses individually or combine them in a diploma

You can learn (for example) Family Constellations and become a Family Constellations practitioner (and gain indemnity insurance). You can then continue your education and do other certificates and combine them into a diploma. This way you can be working while you are training.

You can create a productive business out of your learning  in any ONE of the following areas of the Diploma.
However, in doing them all in ONE diploma, you will have unrivalled up-to-date knowledge, with cutting edge skills in becoming a competent change-maker, hypnotherapist and leader in your field, if you choose.

The main areas covered in the diploma are:

  • Hypnotherapy and counselling
  • Emotional Mind Integration. A unique and complete advanced hypnotherapy modality founded by Yildiz
  • Systemic Family Constellations (introduced to the world by Bert Hellinger 1990’s)
  • Rapid Core Healing master modality founded by Yildiz Sethi. This is a foundational cutting-edge approach for personal healing, personal change and transformation
  • Getting your business started

Unlock Your Mind

The Mind is powerful.

Learn how to use it for:

  • Yourself

  • Your business

  • Success

  • and to

  • Really make a difference!

The Pandemic – the Driver of Change

Crisis creates the possibility of:






Informed trauma and sexual abuse processing is included  in Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing certificate trainings

Yildiz is the Founder of Rapid Core Shift and Emotional Mind Integration. Her book is available on Amazon, Smashwords.com

Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing:
Using the unique dual approach of
Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for personal and systemic health. 

Rapid Core Healing

Certificate Trainings

Our focus is putting Theory into Practice

Hypnotherapy Diploma

Fully Online Certificate course Outlines.

Emotional Mind Integration 8 weeks 50 hours Course Outline

Family Constellations 11 weeks 100 hours Course Outline

Rapid Core Healing 6 weeks 50 hours Course Outline

Once you have completed your course:

You may:

  • Get indemnity insurance
  • Start Work
  • Supervision available
  • Existing registered practitioners add your Certificate training to your insurance

Once you have your certificate you may start working and do further certificates when you are ready and transfer to diploma if you choose.



EDStart Payment plans available

Edstart – an alternative way to pay:

If you’d prefer to not pay the invoice in full, you can pay your fees across weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

Please visit: edstart.com.au/quote/student-details


Hypnotherapy Diploma

Become a Clinical Hypnotherapist in
Personal and Systemic Solutions

  • Approved by Australian Hypnotherapy Association and Australian Society Clinical Hypnotherapy where you may join as a member for ongoing PD and support.
  • Offer many Private Health Fund Benefits
  • Aquire Indemnity Insurance
  • Be Fully qualified in:
  • Clinical, Medical & Advanced Hypnotherapy -Knowledgea and skills
  • Systemic Family Constellations
  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Rapid Core Shift
  • More Details on Hypnotherapy Diploma Course
  • 600+ hours

Supervision available



 You May Work with:

  • Mental Health, Depression, anxiety, panic (excluding serious DSM5 conditions such as schizophrenia etc)
  • Relationships, Family, Parenting, Couples,
  • Trauma Therapy- Trauma Informed & Trauma processing Skilled with our ™ unique methodology
  • Sexual Abuse Therapy -Trauma Informed & Trauma processing Skilled with our ™ unique methodology
  • Wellbeing
  • Personal Development and Personal Growth

Hypnotherapy Diploma Starting Soon!

You will be able to work with:

Rapid Core HealingRelationships

Family, Parenting, Couples

Rapid Core HealingMental Health

Depression, Anxiety, Panic

Rapid Core HealingChanging Habits

Stop Smoking, Weight issues, Reduce alcohol

Rapid Core HealingRunning an online business

We teach you how

Improve Wellbeing

Rapid Core HealingReduce Stress, Improve Self Esteem, improve health, life style changes, pain management

Trauma Recovery

Rapid Core HealingSexual Abuse Recovery

Resolving Blocks to Success

Rapid Core HealingEliminate sabotage patterns, improve focus and motivation

Hypnotherapy Diploma training

Who is this diploma Suitable for?
  • Existing practitioners OR
  • Someone looking for a new career


On a personal level you need to be someone who:

  • Loves working with people
  • Has an open mind
  • Loves learning
  • Open to new ideas
  • Has maturity and life experience (not age dependant)
  • Is compassionate
  • Willing to look and work on yourself
Why should coaches learn these courses

Many people can’t succeed no matter what they do. They go to life coaches, business coaches or do business courses.

The problem might be that they themselves are stopping themselves from succeeding. This is where Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration comes in.

There may be an issue from the generations passed down or a problem that occurred in their early life. FC and EMI are great at locating any issues or blocks and help to remove them.

You will receive Personal Development for yourself in this Hypnotherapy Training

The training involves significant and often transformational personal development.

This is necessary because as a hypnotherapist, practitioner or coach, it is necessary for you to be aware and clearer of your own limitations, blocks and relational patterns. This ensures that you’ll be holding a safe space for your clients with healthy boundaries.

You may take advantage of working with Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Shift in your personal growth. This will provide a good foundation in your professional life too.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy Diploma training for personal & systemic solutions

  •  Online training

  • Live trainings for each certificate and diploma

  • Only hypnotherapy diploma globally offering Hypnotherapy for Personal and Systemic solutions.

  • Full Systemic Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration, Rapid Core Healing triple master trainings.

  • Advanced Cutting Edge Techniques

  • Instant access to training on registration/payment.

  • Purchase Indemnity insurance on completion, and start practicing

  • Support in becoming a business

Hypnotherapy Diploma training

International Online Professional Training

Online Training Available to all. International or National, in an easy to digest format .The diploma may be done at your own comfortable pace in online webinars. The webinars have to be done in readiness for the online face to face live components of teaching, experiencing and practicing. This ensures deep mind-body learning.

On completion of your Hypnotherapy Diploma training

You may register as a Hypnotherapist with:

Australia Hypnotherapy Association (AHA)

Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ASCH)

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA)

Professional Hypnotherapy Association (PHA)

Advanced Therapist

You will also be a fully trained practitioner of:

  • Systemic Family Constellations
  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Rapid Core Shift

You may register with IICT

The training is Tried, Tested & Proven

Offering Private Health fund rebates for around twenty private health funds

Our Testimonials

~ Fiona Herrington Social Worker, working with Women's Mental Health and Wellbeing

~ Amanda Counsellor Psychotherpaist