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An Animation Video designed to assist you in understanding some of the principles of RCH in a SIMPLE way

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RCH Course Outline
  • Tailoring RCH treatment for individuals.
  • Healing pathways.
  • Integration of Family Constellations and EMI
  • Deciding which comes first EMI or Family Constellations
  • Where is RCH NOT appropriate?

Read More about Family Constellations

Read More about Emotional Mind Integration

Rapid Core Healing Skills
  • Emotional Mind Integration Skills and Knowledge
  • Family Constellations Skills and knowledge
  • Rapid Core Healing Skills and practice
  • Recognise if the issue presented is individual or systemic.
  • Be able to use FC and EMI skills and knowledge competently.
  • Integrate FC and EMI skills and knowledge as required.
  • Integrate troubled Emotional Mind (EM) states and systemic consciousness into the personality

Prerequisites are:

  • Family Constellations Foundation Details
  • Emotional Mind Integration Details

What is included in Rapid Core Healing Training?

Online Composite Training of

Emotional Mind Integration More Details

Systemic Family Constellations More Details

Rapid Core Healing

The training provides you with the knowledge and skills to facilitate self-healing for a wide range of issues from coaching to personal development to mental health and trauma recovery.
This training is created to allow you to start your study NOW at your own pace and be ready for the live componentas your final task in this course. Chaeck the current date of the onlive component at the bottom of the page.
The training consists of online learning with:

  1. Training with the founder
  2. Receive the course book Rapid Core Healing.
  3. Recorded webinars so you can work at your own pace with PDF download information.
  4. Course book Rapid Core Healing.
  5. Tasks, study, Reading.
  6. Delivery of the course is through Lecture, Power point, Group discussion, exercises, demonstrations, group practice
  7. Online experiential Live zoom components for each training Emotional Mind Integration, Systemic family Constellations and the final Rapid Core Healing  

On completion:

You will receive 3 certificates as a practitioner of

Emotional Mind Integration

Family Constellations

Rapid Core Healing

Being a Rapid Core Healing Practitioner

If you are already a practitioner you may add

Emotional Mind Integration, Family Constellations and Rapid Core Healing to your existing indemnity insurance.
If you are a new practitioner you may do the short online Code of Conduct Module for Healthcare Workers. This is included in the fee you have paid. Then you may purchase your indemnity insurance including Emotional Mind Integration, Family Constellations and Rapid Core Healing and start working.

Once you have completion and insurance you may be listed on our website under Trained by US HERE

Supervision/mentoring with Yildiz is available after completion which may be claimed as a business expense on your tax return.

150 hours of Professional Development


See the full range of training options and Rapid Core Healing 15% discount package

Yildiz Sethi Trauma and Relationship specialist

See the Twenty minute Webinar and article on Depression by clicking on Mental Health Solutions below

See Mental Health Solutions

Dates of Rapid Core Healing Training

Dates for Online Live components for the following training


Emotional Mind Integration           15-18 February 2021 Emotional Mind Integration SITE


Family Constellations                     22-26 March 2021 Family Constellations Site


Rapid Core Healing                       17-21 May 2021 Rapid Core Healing SITE


Recovery From Sexual Abuse      15 February-21 May 2021 Recovery From Sexual Abuse SITE

Rapid Core Healing is Recovery From Sexual Abuse training

You have a choice of paying for one training only or pay for Rapid Core Healing as you go or receive a
15% Discount if you purchase the package now

Rapid Core Healing training consists of:

1 Family Constellations practitioner training

2 Emotional Mind Integration practitioner training

3 Rapid Core Healing practitioner training final component live online component.

DONT BUY the final training of Rapid Core Healing unless you have completed Family Constellation and Emotional Mind Integration first. $2000- 5 day online experiential module.

To do Rapid Core Healing you may pay as you go and book into each of the following:

1 Systemic Family Constellation Training

2 Emotional Mind Integration

3 Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing training – 150 hours 


Rapid Core Healing training 

Details of dates and packages

Rapid Core Healing


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