Emotional Mind Integration Online Training (EMI) Mind Science Revolution in practice

Yildiz Sethi is the founder of Emotional Mind Integration.
EMI is a revolutionary approach for the deep, fast and powerfully effective way of working for mental health (depression, anxiety and panic attacks) disturbances, sabotage and trauma recovery, including PTSD and sexual abuse. This is a way of facilitating self-healing of the personal unconscious mind in only a few sessions.

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Who would benefit from EMI training

eAnyone who works with people. Coaches, those involved in personal development, mind health, mental health and education. Counsellors, social workers, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists.

Those who have done NLP will find EMI goes far beyond NLP in enhancing their skills, knowledge and results significantly.

Those who are hypnotherapists will find this a really practical no nonsense way of working with a wide range of people with a wide range of issues.You will have clear a structure that is adapted to a very wide range of issues, conflicts, mind state, emotional states, blocks and sabotage patterns that delivers quick, safe, results.

benefit from emi

“I have struggled with my  issue for years and sought help with many therapies. Emotional Mind Integration with Yildiz got to it so quickly and now its gone. So quick and gentle. I strongly recommend it.” Mat

“Such a beautiful, simple process that is so elegant and efficient. It works with the mind in a such a gentle way and yet so powerful in clearing and integrating neural pathways. I am so happy to have found this precious knowledge”  Tom


Who is this training suitable for ?
Counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, coaches and new practitioners.

You will need to have a responsible, mature attitude, be compassionate and open to personal and professional development and new ideas.
Perfect for existing practitioners or those who are changing careers

Emotional Mind Integration is applied neuroscience for personal healing, growth, transformation and trauma recovery in only a few sessions.

This is online composite training with the founder Yildiz.

This course is a composite online course with 8 pre-recorded webinars, videos, dowload information with each webinar, exercises, reading tasks and the course book Rapid Core Healing and a 3.5 day online live component.


Training consists of webinars and live-online training.

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What is Emotional Mind Integration?

EMI is Emotional Mind Integration applied neuroscince. A transformational hypnosis which may be described as neuro-trance psychotherpy. This is a precise, sensitive and effective modality for resolving personal disturbances and trauma in only a few sessions.

This is an elegant, concise and simple modality for working with a wide range of personal issues, blocks and trauma in a safe way. The methodology is highly structured for safety and precision while utilising the clients inner resources and the ability to create and follow their own inner healing pathways and integration. EMI promotes self-healing.

Emotional Mind Integration Foundation level 1 training in a 6 day 9-5 pm training- 50 hours

Emotional Mind Integration is presented in the book by Yildiz Details Rapid Core Healing

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In my experience the roots of deep personal issues are usually repressed in the unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a viable and rapid process when utilised with an effective psychotherapy, to access the unconscious mind and locate the cause of a deep personal issue with precision and accuracy, resolve it along natural healing pathways and integrate it. All within a session at a time for an average of 3-5 session for most clients. One neural pathway at a time cleared for the presenting issue each session.

EMI training equips the practitioner with a philosophy, theory, practice and the knowledge of naturally occurring Healing Pathways that the client may be guided through to self-healing and recovery.

EMI deals with the resolution of Disturbed Emotional Mind States that form in the biography of a life. This includes difficult emotions, thoughts and blocks to success and growth. The process involves self-healing and completing with integration each session that assists people in finding new perspectives and meaning, rapidly.

This combination is a powerful and integrated modality to work with people on many levels simultaneously with great success. EMI will enhance your effectiveness with your clients or customers significantly and enable you to become an RCH practitioner if you choose.


The objective of EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) training is to provide personal trauma recovery, growth and transformation. Emotional Mind Integration is a complete modality grounded provides philosophy, skills and techniques that comes out of over seventeen years of clinical practice for a wide range of trauma and mental health issues in 3-5 sessions for most clients. EMI is a concisely, practical and elegant process for working with both the conscious and unconscious mind in providing deep resolutions and change.

EMI is appropriate for the effective resolution of a wide range of personal  issues and trauma EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) is a NEW Neuro Trance Psychotherapy with its own philosophy and. A revolutionary approach to Cost Effective Mental Health treatment by the founder and presenter of the modality Yildiz Sethi.

EMI is a cost effective process for the processing, resolution and recovery of disturbed emotional mind states that operate in a wide range of mental health disturbances to enhance the work of mental health practitioners, counsellors, hypnotherapists, social workers, psychologists and people who help people.

EMI provides a sound theory and practice that is a brief, experiential, person-centred and solution-focused approach for disturbances such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, low self-esteem, inner conflict, trauma, fear, anger, the underlying dynamic for addiction and the recovery of abuse and sexual abuse.

The EMI training provides mental health practitioners with valuable cutting edge knowledge and skills in providing resolutions through naturally occurring healing pathways in only a few sessions for a large proportion of the population (not including more serious DSMV diagnoses).


EMI Training

Benefits of doing EMI Training

  • Work effectively with personal trauma, sexual abuse and PTSD.
  • Become a practitioner of applied neuroscience
  • Receive a copy of Rapid Core Healing Book
  • Emotional Mind Integration is a 6 day course
  • You may start working once you have insurance
  • You may become a member of IICT International Institute of Complimentary Therapies or simply add it to your existing indemnity insurance. If you are new to this industry you may get insurance from an independent insurer.
  • Be listed on our EMI dedicated site as Trained by us- next to the contact button (if you have insurance or if you are a new practitioner who has insurance and has done the short health worker compliance online course.) 

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