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Hypnotherapy Diploma

The Hypnotherapy Diploma for Personal and Systemic Solutions will start on
22 January 2023

Invest in your future in becoming a registered Hynotherapist with the added bonus of being able to work with personal and systemic solutions in creating a career to love.

Choose this Unique Hypnotherapy Diploma in Personal and Systemic Solutions:

  • Gain a wide rnage of cutting edge knowledge and skills.
  • Gain significant Personal Development
Hypnotherapy Diploma training course

Online Hypnotherapy Diploma

You will receive: 

Three experienced and inspirational educator trainers, with years of valuable experience in practice.

Online Modules with videos, information and worksheets, readings, tasks, assignments.

Online experienetial learning and practiice.

Study groups

Practice outside classes

Inspiration and supprt to be the best Hypnotherapist you can be in the twenty first century.


This Diploma is for those who are looking beyond the Ordinary

You may buy a cheaper Hypnotherapy diploma with good hypnotherapy basics with extensive ranges of additional psychotherapies, ideas, techniques and tools and end up thoroughly confused, as I was, about what to use and when.

Or you can do this unique diploma with cutting-edge, grounded, up to date mind-science. This includes the best from the past and present; including neuroscience and practical applications for a wide range of relational, mental health, personal development and trauma related issues that people face.
All coming from a triple mastery psychotherapeutic foundational base that works at CAUSE. Rapid Core Healing.

This is unique psychotherapy that is only taught here. A world first.

Rapid Core Healing is deeply foundational. Goes to the core of what it is to be human. This includes what is required for wellness in the Personal and Systemic Subconscious minds.

1 What goes wrong.
2 What is required to be released,
3 Facilitated self-healing,
4 Growth
5 Transformation, In brief interventions.

In this diploma you will:

  • Receive top Hypnotherapy training.
  • Be held and supported by a strong foundational base about how to work personally and systemically with the human mind and heart.
  • Be able to work with relationships, family, mental health, sabotage patterns and trauma through effective, safe and accurate therapeutic practice and trauma and sexual abuse recovery processing.
  • Have the knowledge and skills to be able to facilitate people in resolving their disconnection, confusion and trauma from both the personal and systemic stem-bases quickly, efficiently and reliably.
  • Facilitate self-love and increased sense of worth
  • In a way that is client centred, adaptable and gentle.
  • And most of all effective.
  • You will join a new wave in changing the face of psychotherapy, wellness, growth and transformation, in making a difference.

Create a Career to love.

This diploma includes training in:

  • Basic and advanced Hypnotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Family Constellations
  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Rapid Core Healing and
  • Getting your business going and ongoing support.
    and …………much more

12 to 24 months.

This diploma will provide you the knowledge and skills to work in your chosen areas of interest, such as:

  • Changing Mind-set
  • Changing emotional state
  • Breaking habits
  • Changing patterns
  • Changing beliefs
  • Relationships, Family
  • Mental Health
  • Mind States
  • Resolving triggers
  • Wellness
  • Trauma and sexual abuse recovery
  • Personal growth/development
  • Spiritual growth etc
  • Personal growth
  • Resolving blocks to success
  • and much more………..

Invest in your future in becoming a Registered Hynotherapist with the added bonus of being able to work with personal and systemic solutions in creating a career to love.


Already done some of our Certificate courses?

If this is you can contact me and receive a discount to upgrade to this hypnotherapy diploma.

Doing this diploma you may register as a hypnotherapist with any of the following Australian Hypnotherapy associations:

ASCH -Australian Society Clinical Hypnotherapy

AHA -Australian Hypnotherapy Association

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia- HCA

PHA Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc-  
You will be able to receive regular professional Development with your preferred Hypnotherapy Association.



On Completion of your Diploma:

You may get indemnity insurance for your practice from a range insurance companies.

Insurance is a vital part of your practice.

Private Health Fund Rebates


As a registered Hypnotherapist you will be able to offer up to 20 Private Health fund rebates to your customers.


What’s different about this diploma

A whole citting-edge additional training in the triple mastery Rapid Core Healing AS Well!

Become a registered Hypnotherapist


Become a practitioner in:

  • Systemic Family Constellations
  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Rapid Core Healing.
    Each of one of these you could build a business on and get practitioenr insurance for.
    But with this diploma you become a Hypnotherapist in Australia where you may be registered with Australian Hypnoterapy Association as well.
    Be able to work deeply with the unconscious mind for a wide range of issues and problems that people face.
  • This diploma is an opportunity not to be missed

 for Compare the costs and value we offer

Rapid Core Healing triple training is our unique Psychotherapy
for Personal and Systemic Solutions

This is:

  • Emotional Mind Integration $3800 -50 hours
  • Family Constellation $4990 –140 hours.Great Value!
  • Rapid Core Healing $2500 -50 hours
    Total Rapid Core Healing $11,290

Hypnotherapy Diploma additional components 

Hypnotherapy, 5 Modules-$6000

Counselling,    $2000

Legal & Ethical, $1000 3 Module bundle
Practitioner Self-Care
Going into Business,

Full Hypnotherapy Diploma PSS

Including Certificate courses 12-24 months duration according to your time commitment.

  1. Hypnotherapy,
  2. Counselling,
  3. Legal & Ethical,
  4. Going into Business,
  5. Emotional Mind Integration,
  6. Family Constellation ,
  7. Rapid Core Healing 

Total 680 + hours

Special offer

This is 20,000K course that we are offering you at highly discounted rates.

$20,000  reduced 40% to $12,190
(rounded up)

Payment choices

Pay in full now or $1000 deposit to reserve your place

Pay the rest One month before the start of the diploma 22/12/23 

  1. Pay in one payment
  2. or choose a payment plan

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    Edstart to receive the Special offer.

Rapid Core Healing
Rapid Core Healing

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This is only available to Australian Citizens.

Hypnotherapy Diploma of Personal and Systemic Solutions Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Hypnotherapy

  1. The Mind, brain and hypnotherapy

  1. Clinical Hypnotherapy

  1. Medical Hypnotherapy

  1. Technique specific theories and traditional hypnotherapies

  1. Emotional Mind Integration   hypnotherapy

  1. Systemic Hypno-Constellations

  1. Counselling

  1. Systemic Family Constellations Psychotherapy

  1. Rapid Core Healing hypnotherapy/psychotherapy

  1. Practitioner self-care

  1. Legal & Ethical Issues

  1. Financial Management

  2. Starting and maintaining your business 

Benefits of doing a Diploma

Registered diploma with ASCH (Australian Clinical Hypnotherapy Association)
You may join this clinical hypnotherapy organisation and receive ongoing professional development and be part of this community.

You also become part of the growing Rapid Core Shift community of Family Constellations and advanced hypnotherapy Emotional Mind Integration practitioners and coaches. You won’t be alone.

Offer Private health fund rebates to customers

Become a Registered Hypnotherapist

Gain a vast range of therapeutic skills

Turn your business around

Personal and professional development

Ongoing professional Support

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