With me at Rapid Core Healingnyou have choice as to what type of training you are most attracted to.

How far or deep you would like to go with it.

How you would like to use it in terms of what type of clientele you have or would like to attract.

How you develop as a practitioner.

What kind of business you wish to create.

If you are anything like me, each of these will continue to develop as you grow as a person and practitioner.

Each of the trainings I offer may stand alone as Powerful, Effective, Efficient and Unique.

During this period all training has gone online.

A common case from my practice.

“A man in his twenties came recently with a diagnosis of PTSD, depression and road-rage. He had suffered severe anxiety for more than 15 years and was on medication and came in frustration at not receiving effective help with his psychologist and psychiatrist. The first session exposed and worked with severe domestic violence from his father. He went away feeling calmer and relieved. In the second session he wanted to deal with his road rage. In this session sexual abuse in the family from a young age was revealed and worked with, again he went home tired and calmer.  In the third session he reported he was reducing his medication with his GP and was sleeping well and feeling so much better and calmer. He appeared to be glowing and was so grateful to have received effective help. He has come off medication now and is enjoying his new found emotional, mental and behavioural freedom is 3 sessions of Rapid Core Healing/Recovery From Sexual Abuse- Trauma”.

This is a common occurrence for my practice.

Be Informed

I am sharing a range of training information with you here, so that if you decide to go forward, you are informed of all options. If you are focused on one training or can budget for one training only, you will find it a very powerful set of skills and knowledge that you can build a successful practice or business on. You may always come back later to do more if that works out best for you.

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