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Yildiz is the innovator and founder of RCH and EMI and the author of Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing. Using a unique dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration.


She is a Family Constellation practitioner and trainer and director of Family Constellations P/L. She has been a psychotherapist since 2000. Yildiz is a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, counsellor and educator.

Yildiz was a physics and chemistry teacher for many years until a profound point in her life which resulted in a change of direction as she followed a desire to help people improve their life experience. Yildiz became a counsellor but found that this not address the deeper issues of her clients. She did further studies to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Ego State Therapy and Family Constellations facilitator and trainer in her search to find effective ways of helping her clients.
During her therapeutic growth she was an educator of counsellors part time for eight years specializing in Methods of Counselling.

Yildiz is the innovator of RCH and EMI. RCH is the development and integration of knowledge through clinical practice that has resulted in a theory and practice that works deeply, rapidly and holisitically.


Yildiz was born in England to parents from different cultures and married into yet another. English, Turkish Cypriot and Indian and moved to Australia in the 1980’s. This provided fertile ground for curiosity and research into culture, religion, philosophy, identity and the search for what lies beyond these in exploring spirituality. Her interest in how things work led her initially into science and into becoming a physics and chemistry teacher for many years, until she reached a pivotal point in her life when her curiosity was peaked afresh into a different direction.

Yildiz made a transition from school teaching into the fascinating, accurate spiritual science of Vedic astrology, the astrology of yoga and Ayurveda. Through this she entered into a study of karmic cycles. She became fascinated with how to make deep psychological changes in breaking deeply locked patterns and thereby gain the knowledge and personal growth to create reality in a more conscious manner. Vedic astrology provides an accurate map of the soul’s journey and an understanding of personal gifts and challenges. This is a powerful awareness and growth tool , but is limited in its capacity to implement change in deep karmic cycles. So Yildiz’s curiosity was tweaked again as she became a therapist to help herself and others make those deep changes.

Yildiz became a counsellor and then a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Family Constellations practitioner and trainer. During this time of development she trained in Ego State Therapy. This combination enabled her to develop a unique dual approach to therapy over the following eleven years that she presents in her latest book Rapid Core Healing Pathways for therapists and people who help people, and for those who are interested in the human psyche and personal development.

She has become curious about consciousness and the search for acceptance, fulfillment and happiness that is the human condition. This is explored in her first book Stardust on the Spiritual Path through a character called Surya depicted in several lives on the spiritual path. The cycle of life serving to give a vast range of opportunities and experiences to refine unhealthy or false thoughts and beliefs and free up emotions in the understanding that when this is achieved the ability to create a fulfilled and happy life experience can be realized.

In her second book Be Rich AND Spiritual Yildiz develops these ideas further in exploring the psychology of the Law of Attraction and Karma and how it can be utilized in daily living to create reality consciously.

Her third book Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing: Using a unique Dual Approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for Personal and Systemic Issues is a book that presents a new therapeutic approach that is dual in nature in having the capacity to deal with a range of personal as well as systemic issues in a way that is brief, solution focused and experiential.

Yildiz is a powerful writer and presents a unique fusion of Eastern mysticism, philosophy and Western psychology, science, personal and spiritual development which she has captured in her books:
* Stardust on the Spiritual Path
* Be Rich AND Spiritual

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Why I Do what I Do – Yildiz Sethi

The reason I do what I do is because I believe in miracles. I believe each of us has the power and resources to shape our lives and fulfil our potential.

My passion and purpose is to make the most of my life and assist others in doing the same. I know life is a precious and sacred gift that we need to treasure and make the most of. Further, our life is underpinned by time, so we need to be mindful of how we use it and most of all take care not to waste it. I believe we are all born into life with endless possibilities. We arrive as beautiful, clean, new souls into the world. So what goes wrong?


So what goes wrong?

Each of us are new malleable beings who become conditioned by family, society, culture and ancestry. This is further impacted by the worldwide phenomena of politics, economy, wars and famine and each soul’s innate ‘beingness.’

We largely accept the confinements that we are conditioned into and lose touch with our potential for play, creativity, magic and miracles.

We lose hope and doubt ourselves.

I was born into working class England to a Turkish Cypriot father and English mother who loved me but had no appreciation of education or growth and who accepted their situation and status in life without question. They had been conditioned well. I was the eldest of seven children and was luckily born at a time where I could take advantage of a high quality, free, state education that encouraged enquiry and possibilities with an attitude of ‘the sky is the limit’.

Although I heard this message and accepted it, I didn’t take it in fully. I was full of conditioning.

One thing I did know was that I wanted to make a difference. Help people make the most of their lives. I knew that this must start with me. I became a teacher of Physics and Chemistry for many years where I loved helping children find their passion and potential and ability for free thought.

Later at a pivotal point in my life I met two Vedic astrologers in one week while on holiday. This opened up another whole realm of knowledge. This included karmic cycles, past lives and the idea that we are here for a purpose on a spiritual journey.

Cutting a long story short, to the shock of those around me, I stopped school teaching and opened another door of possibilities and became a Vedic astrologer. I was still in touch with my purpose of assisting people make the most of their lives, but going in another direction.

Then I began to ask the questions.

Do we have to be bound by karmic cycles?

Is it possible to make deep psychological shifts and changes and live more freely and meaningfully?

I felt in my gut the answer to these questions was a resounding ‘yes’. This set me on a path of finding the best ways to achieve change.

I became a counsellor, but found this too limiting and slow so I became a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I was happy with this as it assisted me to help people free themselves from blocking their potential in a deeper and faster way.

Synchronicity came in again when another path opened up and Family Constellations crossed my path while backpacking around India. I had heard about Family Constellations two years earlier and remembered making a wish to ‘see it in action’, but hadn’t done anything about it, as it felt like a long way away at that time, coming from Germany.

This turned out to be a great gift because with Family Constellations I help people clear or come to peace with deeply held ancestral patterns. I gratefully stepped into the roll holding regular workshops, private sessions and eventually training.

In this I came closer to my wish of helping myself and others make the most of their lives, in coming out of conditioning and limitations. In offering training to others my wish became even more of a reality as more practitioners become part of a wave spreading the healing process around the nation and the world. This results in more people being assisted to come out of their blocks and limitations so that they can find their potential and purpose.

Over time I came to realise, profound as it is, Family Constellations does not cover all bases. Through many clients I discovered a better way to deal with non-family or non ancestral issues with a process I developed called Emotional Mind Integration (EMI). Emotional Mind Integration is a psychotherapeutic-hypnotherapy dealing with a range of personal, emotions, beliefs and situations and trauma resolution in a profound and integrating manner.

I remain a strong advocate, practitioner and trainer of Family Constellations for resolving family and ancestral patterns and include (EMI) Emotional Mind Integration as its perfect companion for resolving non-systemic issues speedily in private sessions. The dual approach is RCH (Rapid Core Healing).

I continue to hold Family Constellations workshops and training and practice RCH, (EMI and Family Constellations) in private practice.

I offer training in Rapid Core Healing, Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration so that my core wish of helping as many people as possible may be realised exponentially in the nation and the globe. My dream is to enable those who are ready to come out of their conditioning and throw off the shackles that bind them and to rediscover the magic and mystery of life in being able to fulfil their potential, open their wings and fly.

These ideas are presented in her book Rapid Core Healing for Growth and Emotional Healing (2016)

More information www.yildizsethi.com


  • Master Applied Social Science (Counselling),

  • Graduate Diploma Counselling.

  • Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy.

  • Certificate Ego State Therapy.

  • NLP. NRT. Timebased Therapy.

Member of ACA AHA ISCA


  • Author
  • Presenter
  • Innovator of Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration
  • Systemic Family Constellations practitioner and trainer.
  • Educator Australian College of Applied Psychology.
  • Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Registered accredited Supervisor for Counselling and Hypnotherapy.

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