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Sessions for Personal & Systemic Solutions.

“Be Free to Be You”

Rapid Core Healing in a Nutshell

Let’s change the face of psychotherapy Now

Effective up to date Mind Science in Action for fast, effective change.

Rapid Core Healing:
Emotional Mind Integration & Family Constellations

For self healing, growth, transformation in only a few sessions for each complex issue. Normally 3-5 for most
(not including serious mental health such as schizophrenia, bi polar etc)

Specialising in trauma & sexual assault recovery,  relationships,
self esteem, blocks and mental health.

Sessions or discount packages.

“Be Free to be You”

“Its never too late to heal from the past and grow into the present with acceptance and love.”Quote from Rapid Core Healing (2016) Y Sethi

International Best Selling Author.
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Who Is Yildiz Sethi?

‘Yildiz has been on a long journey in her personal life of healing, transformation and creation. Her curiosity for knowledge started with studies in science, then spirituality and mysticism and many years in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy since 2000.
She found her entry into counselling and psychotherapy disappointing due to its limitations in being able to help people effectively and efficiently in mental health and trauma.
This changed when she discovered Family Constellations in 2005, an ‘out of the box’ way of working that provides profound results and growth for people working with systemic issues, in brief interventions.

Over time, she became aware that a similarly powerful process was required for the non-systemic, or personal component,
of the same issue, that was left behind after family constellations processes.
This resulted, over many years of working with clients, in discovering ‘what works’ to make fast, positive change. From this evolved Emotional Mind Integration.
Another ‘out of the box’ way of working with personal issues which is equally profound in delivering results in brief interventions.

This combination of systemic and personal is what she offers you here in sessions.

Yildiz remains passionate about helping you on your life journey and also imparting knowledge and skills to practitioners so more of you have access to profound brief, effective, twenty-first century approaches, so you can avoid spending months or years in therapy and instead, focus on living.

What is different about what we offer?

A Revolution in Mind Science that is deep, effective and Fast!

Why Choose Rapid Core Healing?

Rapid Core Healing is a synchronistic approach designed to allow you to resolve what holds you back from being your best self, quickly and holistically.

It has been found that if we choose to look at the roots of what ails us, it is disconnection and not feeling loved, that are the main causes of dis-ease. Inhibiting our capacity for wellness.
This influences your sense of worth, how you relate to others and the world.

This may be split into two:

  1. The Personal- personal subconscious.

    With the parts of you that come from your personal life experiences. From the mild, conflicts, disturbances to the intense, including trauma with Emotional Mind Integration.
    Emotional Mind Integration is about personal acceptance and self love, so you can embrace others and the world.


  2. The Systemic-Generational subconscious.

    The parts of you that come out of your family system and are deeply integrated with your ancestors’ experiences.
    This includes relational and behaviour, emotional patterns and unresolved traumas with Family Constellations.
    Family Constellations is about coming to peace with your parents, ancestors, destiny so you can embrace your life force in moving into the present as the unique being that you are.

  3. Together they are Rapid Core Healing.
    This is a profound, deep approach for self-healing, growth and transformation for the twenty first century.

  4. Rapid Core Healing has been built on the shoulders of former psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, present innovations, neuroscience, epigenetics and refined over twenty-years of working with people just like you. Focusing on what goes wrong, what needs to be resolved or released and what is required for speedy self healing.

How Rapid Core Healing works

If you are looking to clear or resolve thoughts, feelings or behaviour in a holistic way at a
Mind, Body, Soul level in only a few sessions for each issue, you’re in the right place.

In choosing Rapid Core Healing you will experience, Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Family Constellations for each issue you choose to work with. Deep Holistic resolutions for the personal and systemic parts of you.

At Rapid core healing we know that you are part of your family system and it has an effect. You are also an individual in your own right, who makes choices and is impacted by lived experiences.
These are the Systemic and Personal aspects of who you are.
The problems that you are face such as, relationships, self-esteem, sabotage, recurring patterns, mental health, trauma or sexual abuse, frequently have their roots in both the Systemic and Personal aspects of who you are.

Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is a synchronistic advanced way of working with the personal and systemic aspects of who you are. Separately or together for truly wholistic self-healing and powerful change.

Providing one dual, easy flow, for deep self-healing and empowerment for a wide range of disturbances, relationship and trauma based issues. Holistically aligning, Mind, Body and Soul for each issue in only a few sessions.

All that is required is the readiness for change!

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Yildiz Sethi

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At Rapid Core Healing Yildiz has created powerful ways of working with you.

“I want you to know how effective my session was last week. So profound to find relief from physical symptoms as well as the emotional pain in one treatment. I had a meeting with my brother on Wed night and I was calm and focused and relieved of my reactive response Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart!”

~ Karen

“We were about to separate when we went onto the RCH couples therapy approach. This has been so reviewing and so helpful in dealing with each of our personal issues and in helping us to relate in a better way. Our relationship has turned around and we are able to make plans for a future together.I strongly recommend RCH couples therapy to anyone who needs relationship help.”

~ Sarah & John

“My anxiety was debilitating when I cam to see Yildiz. I had tried so many other treatments to no avail. Just a few sessions later I feel so much better. I can’t thank you enough.”

~ David

“I have suffered depression for many years and thought I simply had to put up with it. Yildiz’s approach has helped me come out of depression in just a few sessions. Its like the lights have gone on again and I am excited about each new day. What a gift”.

~ Terr

Rapid Core Healing.
Wholistic 21st century solutions