Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery

emotional mind integration
emotional mind integration

Yes it is possible to recover from trauma

Trauma has many faces.
It can range from family and cultural trauma to personal trauma of all kinds.
It may show itself as anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD to name only a few possibilities.

Trauma may be treated with EMI for personal trauma or Family Constellations for systemic trauma

The part of you the has been traumatised is present.

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Trauma or anxiety may be triggered

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The trauma part is resolved.

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Until fairly recently it was thought that trauma caused damage to the brain and neural system that could not be reversed or recovered or cured. The traditional teaching for the medical professions has had a view of the brain being mechanical in nature. That if damaged is considered to be permanently ‘broken’. The symptoms may be managed by cognitive behavioural therapy and medication only often for life.

This is a very strong statement that can make many giving up hope.

silent pond ivan chu-minThere is no doubt that trauma leaves an imprint on the body and mind. The shock of the moment or event is stored in a frozen space and state and may be triggered into action at any time.


More recently neuroscience has show that the brain and the neural system is more akin to plastic, in that it has a plyable plasticity about it. The brain is constantly rewiring itself and has a great capacity for healing. Further epigenetic studies show that DNA may be switched on or off by a variety of factors. Stress and trauma can impact the brain and neural system and  DNA and this can be reversed or changed by the release or recovery of such stressors.

This new information gives great hope to trauma sufferers and to mental health in general.

Some facts
1 CBT is the preferred modality by the traditional medical model.
CBT -Cognitive Behavioural Therapy works with cognitions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviour. Its purpose is to teach people how to manage their symptoms. CBT works with the conscious mind and behaviour primarily.

2 Trauma due to its shocking or painful nature is usually repressed into the subconscious mind. This is to protect the psyche from overwhelm.

3 CBT does not address repressed memories or pain and does not have the knowledge, philosophy, methodology or skill to deal with repressed material effectively..

4 Talk Therapy and support groups may be of some help in gaining support, but talking about trauma is likely to re-traumatize.  Trauma groups may in-advertantly, repeatedly re-traumatize their participants not only with each person’s own trauma, but by vicarious trauma, the trauma of others due to being immersed in traumatic stories.

I have worked with trauma since 2000 and discovered that talk therapy and attempting to control thoughts or behaviour have little affect.

Over the years I have developed a methodology that is effective in:

  • Releasing trauma of the past and providing healing pathways to recovery, This is a unique journey for each person.
  • Assisting in creating new healthier neural pathways from which to operate.
  • Build resilience and take positive learnings from life experience into the present.
  • Assist the person in creating healthier beliefs, behaviour and personal boundaries.
  • Restore healthy functioning of thinking, feeling and response according to individual needs

I have developed a way of working that works with the unconscious mind using EMI and RCH. This  is:

  1. Not re-traumatizing
  2. Aids in recovery and healing
  3. Deals with the roots cause and not only the symptoms

Encourages the growth of new healthy neural pathways.

Systemic trauma is resolved through Family Constellations

For more detail on dealing with trauma see my book here

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