RCH Couples Therapy

RCH Couples Therapy

_happy couple17058672RCH couple therapy is an ideal approach for relationships. It is perfect for dealing with couples issues in a specific RCH methodology according to the needs of each couple.
Yildiz has developed RCH couples therapy over  the last 16 years.

Couples help
Most couples come for help saying that their communication has broken down..While this may indeed be true it is often the case that the break down in communication and understanding is due to a clash in the dynamics that each bring with them into the relationship from their past and or family of origin.

This involves four sessions at a  time. Session one for the couple to debrief and outline the issues that they face and a separate session each to resolve the issue that each of the couple bring with them from their own life experience and family of origin and then session four together. This cycle may be repeated or altered according to the needs of the couple.

  • Couples session
  • Partner 1 individual session
  • Partner 2 individual session
  • Couples session

This provides a safe space to resolve the personal issues that impact on the couple or their family and also on the relationship itself in a respectful and confidential manner.

This includes couples, separating couples. blended families, parenting issues

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"We were in conflict over our parenting. Through the RCH couple approach we have been on a journey of recovery and healing and are at last on the same page with our parenting style that has such a huge impact on our family life. Our thee children are so much happier and we now have a more harmonious family life. Invaluable". Vicky and Jerry.

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