Family Constellations

Family Constellations

Family Constellations

What is a Family Constellation?
In essence clients put out their inner image using representatives of an issue they have and through the process, the image is restructured in a healthier and more supportive way.

A Family Constellation assists in releasing an individual from deeply entrenched family, generational  and relational patterns that hold us back from living a fulfilled life.

Why do a Family Constellation?

  1. Because in a constellation you don’t have to bring the people of you issue with you;
  2. Just  a few facts about the issue are required;
  3. The process taps into the underlying dynamics of what you are involved with;
  4. Finds the best solution for you;
  5. Releases emotion; and
  6. Allows you to move forward with more freedom.
  7. From this process your self esteem can improve, you can find a healthier place in your relationships, resolve blocks to success or create a space for a partner in your life or improve your health and wellbeing.

You may book a workshop or private session or Skype session.

We are each of us alone and connected. Family Constellations allows us to come to peace with our connections and hence ourself.

Couples and love

Great value for such a short, powerful and deeply healing process that not only works at the level of the unconscious mind but also at the level of he systemic consciousness, both of which are invisible to our conscious state.

This is a brief, experiential, solution focused and body sensing and energetic approach that was brought to the world by Bert Hellinger in the 1990’s in Germany. The process rapidly taps into the underlying dynamics that an individual is experiencing in regard to a presenting issue.

The process has traditionally take n place in groups, seminars and workshops. Since its inception many facilitators, trainers and writers have developed the process so that it is now also used often in powerful, highly effective, private one on one sessions. The process continues to operate in groups and also in private sessions.

Family Constellations is Systemic psychotherapy

Many people have done a great deal of reflection, personal development, coaching or therapy of an individual nature who may be still struggling with issues, feelings or behavior that persist. This is often because the source of the issue is not a purely individual one but one that is systemic, part of their family tree. This shows that if this is the source this is where it needs to be resolved. Family Constellations is an ideal modality for dealing with such dynamics effectively, compassionately and respectfully for all concerned in assisting he person to find their solution and healthiest place in and with their system.

In Family Constellations the emphasis is on assisting individuals to find their best place with their family of origin. This helps to improve self acceptance,  esteem and personal freedom.

This approach utilizes essential elements of knowledge and practice from the past and the cutting edge psychological, neuroscience, epigenetic and systemic knowledge in the present.

Family Constellations is an ideal pathway for all relational issues. See Family Constellation issues on my sister site

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