RCH psychotherapy

RCH psychotherapy

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This is a modality that is unique in facilitating deep personal and systemic, generational resolutions in a few sessions only.

What’s different about RCH?

RCH deals with individual AND systemic issues in a unique dual approach that speedily goes to the core issues and enables you to find a resolution and integration..
It is rapid because this approach requires 3-5 sessions for most. Unlike many psychotherapies and psychology, RCH goes to the core of the issue, rather than dealing with  symptoms only.

Yildiz Sethi is the innovator of RCH and EMI. This is a modality that she has developed through her work with clients as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and Family Constellation theory and practice since 2005.

RCH is a therapy that is dual. It is a two-stranded psychotherapy.

EMI Emotional Mind Integration + FC Family Constellations = RCH Rapid Core Healing.

  1. EMI for personal individual experiences, issues and conflicts
  2. FC for relational, systemic and inherited patterns that we are born into

This is ideal for:
Emotional disturbances and conflicts such as depression, anxiety and low self esteem, .
Relationships. Couples, separation and divorce, blended families, parenting, sexual abuse.


EMI new jpeg 15.9 KB (1)EMI is designed to work with Emotional Mind states.

It is a quick, effective process that locates and resolves the source of issues for deeper emotional, mind healing and integration.

EMI is a pathway to Rapid Core Healing of personal issues, conflicts and disturbances.

This is a revolutionary new approach to healing of the mind and conflicts- rapidly. More about EMI

Family Constellations

Family Constellations
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Family Constellations deals with our relational selves. Our ability to accept ourselves, others and improve relationships.

Family Constellations works with the individual and their family system.

In Family Constellations the emphasis is on assisting individuals to find their best place with their family of origin. This helps to improve self acceptance,  esteem and personal freedom.

This approach utilizes essential elements of knowledge and practice from the past and the cutting edge psychological, neuroscience, epigenetic and systemic knowledge in the present.

Family Constellations is an ideal pathway for all relational issues.

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