How RCH works

How RCH works

RCH Pathways to Rapid Core Healing uses our natural ability to find our best solutions and resolutions. In this way RCH is a wholistic approach in assisting people in finding peace within and with others.

Rapid Core Healing utilizes the human capacity to:

  • Come out of disturbance, conflict and trauma by finding an appropriate:
    • Healing path
    • Solution
  • Complete unfinished business
  • Find a healthier perspective to live by
  • Process this rapidly for most
  • Healing at the Core through processing at several levels simultaneously of:
    1. Mind
    2. Unconscious Mind
    3. Systemic consciousness
    4. Heart- Emotions
    5. Body- Somatic

RCH is a wholistic dual psychotherapy.
The RCH dual approach consists of;
EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) and Family Constellations.

Epigenetics shows that our environment and our emotional and mind state and what we carry with and from our family of origin can switch DNA on or off. This shows us that we have much more power than we thought possible to choose how we experience and direct our lives and well being.

The Mind is the powerhouse of our existence and the body is its temple. Through this combination of mind and body we experience ourselves and our connection with others.Generally if the mind is in good shape it sends healthy messages to our body and enables us to live well.

The Mind is our powerhouse. The Mind is much more than a brain and neurons. It controls how we experience life.

It controls our:

  • Cognitive processes.
  • Emotional State.
  • Behavior.
  • Expectations, passions and desires.

Living with Duality.

We are individuals and also relational. RCH can help with both personal and relational issues.

Wellbeing and balance are required in both sides of our dual nature, the personal and the relational. This is why I have developed the dual approach of (RCH) Rapid Core Healing. This consists of (EMI) Emotional Mind Integration and (SFC) Systemic Family Constellations.

Why choose RCH?

The problems and challenges we have are diverse, with some coming from our individual choices and experiences of life and others coming from the deeply unconscious systemic (family of origin or ancestral) element.

It is important that both aspects of human experience be addressed wholistically in RCH.

The importance of the dynamics that we are born into in our family system and the effect that is has on who we are has only recently been acknowledged. Most therapy has been focused on the individual aspects of who we are as if that is all there is. We are individual and we a product of our system and both sides need to be acknowledged and addressed in looking the whole person.

From the family system, these are largely unconscious loyalties and entanglements to our fore fathers’ and mothers’ and their environment. This includes history, culture, triumphs, trauma and the nuances of relational links from one generation to the next. Such inheritance has an effect on who we are in the present.
From an RCH perspective


Because working with beliefs thoughts and cognitions is working at only one level of awareness and is therefore limited in its capacity for deep core change. Generally lighter issues may be dealt with here in terms of choices or priorities in such processes as coaching. However if these thoughts alas have unconscious, emotional or systemic drivers they wont be dealt with at the appropriate level for deep and permanent change.

The Heart- Emotions:

Working at the level of emotions is another level to work at. While emotions may be released or even transformed by many techniques or processes they are often deeply linked to cognitions and experiences and buried in the unconscious mind and body. Working with emotions on their only is only part of the healing that needs to be completed.

Unconscious thoughts and feelings:

Those people who work specifically with the unconscious mind such as Hypnotherapists have the skill of the use of hypnosis as a powerful tool for change. However in Hypnotherapy there is often an a confusion of many techniques, processes and philosophies that can leave the practitioner floundering in an disjointed manner. There is often a lack of understanding of the pathways of healing and the duality of human beings of being both individual and systemic that can inhibit or limit the efficiency of what they can achieve with their clients.

Systemic Mind:

Coming to a place of acceptance and peace with the family of origin is a deeply healing and connecting process. Making better inner connections in this way may be transposed into the way we connect with the people in our life.


The body is the temple of he mind and many experiences leave an imprint in body tissues and organs. The body is somatic. A living map of how a person has lived. The body and its sensations are used in the RCH approach to assist in monitoring the progress of processing.

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