Use the power of the mind
Use the power of the mind


RCH Rapid Core healing) the fast, deep effective approach for modern men and women for individual and relational resolutions. 1, 3, 5 sessions for most.


RCH (Rapid Core Healing) pathways to growth and emotional healing for personal, generational and relational issues using EMI (Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellations).

RCH is a unique, dual approach of Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellations for resolution, integration and growth for those who are ready for change.

Single sessions

Service Cost per session Cost for 3 sessions Special
10% Discount on
3 sessions if paid at the end of first session
Counselling $130 $390 $351
EMI Emotional Mind Integration $200 $600 $540
FC Family Constellation
Business Constellation
$300 $900 $810


Service Cost Cost for a package Special
10% discount for a package if paid at end of first session

RCH 3 session package.

This includes

1 session Counselling

1 session EMI

1 session Family Constellations






$630 $567
RCH Couples
4 session package2 couples counselling sessions2 RCH sessions (one for each individual)




2 sessions $260

2 sessionsRCH $600


Total $860

Total $860 $774
Lose weight Virtual Gastric Banding
4 session package
$800 $800 $720
Reduce alcohol
4 session package
$800 $800 $720

Changing patterns

3 sessions

$600 $600 $540

To make an appointment

Appointment may take place in person, by phone or Skype.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-6 pm

Residential Treatment is available in Brisbane for 3 days at a time to accelerate healing, recovery or change.

Contact us NOW for more details or to book in +61 412 172 300