Family Constellation Course Outline

Family Constellation Course Outline


What is a Systemic issue?

Family Constellations as developed by Bert Hellinger has always demonstrated that we carry ancestral information. Much of it is good, nurturing and loving but some of it is tainted by stress’s and trauma from past generations. Hence we may be born into the behaviours and feelings of our family system and they have an effect in our lives until we can resolve them and take our freedom. I call this the ancestral brain.

More recently Epigenetics is showing how such generational information is carried and passed onto future generations.

Family Constellations is a highly detailed website with lots of information on

philosophy, practice, workshops, private sessions and training.

Year Family Constellations Training Additional Training
Year 1 Basic

9 days. 3 modules plus 4 workshop days

Modules are:

  • Family of origin
  • Present family
  • Private sessions + 4 workshop days
Year 2 Advanced Deepening
9 days. 3 modules plus 4 workshop days
Business Constellations 3 days
Wellness Constellations
3 days.

Total Year 1 and Year 2= 32 days 192 hours

For more details of Family Constellations courses and to book into Family Constellations training see sister site Family Constellations training.

Family Constellation Certificate is given for year 1 and completion of year 2.


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