EMI 1 Course Outline

EMI 1 Course Outline

EMI 1 Training

Emotional Mind Integration

EMI 1 course Objectives

EMI for the resolution of personal emotional and psychological conflicts. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks.

The objective of the course is to enable participants to gain further knowledge of how the mind, psychology and emotions operate and how they may be utilized to find and follow healing pathways to better health and possible recovery in a brief, experiential, solution focused and person centred process called Emotional Mind Integration EMI. The course comprises of psychological and neuroscience theory of the problems that people face and how they may be helped in a brief effective intervention. EMI is a powerful way of working with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, addiction, sexual abuse and resolve inner conflict or disturbed states.


Australian Counselling Association
Australian Counselling Association






EMI 1 Skills

Participants will have the opportunity to

  • Learn EMI interviewing skills,
  • Understand natural healing pathways,
  • Assisting people in finding their own solutions rapidly
  • Locate trouble EM states through emotions
  • Locate EM states through EM Body sensing technique
  • Assist in helping troubled EM states find resolution and harmony.
  • Assist people in changing the story they have of themselves
  • Integrate troubled EM states into the personality


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EMI Course presentation

Delivery of the course will be through Lecture, Power point, Group discussion, exercises, demonstrations, group practice.

Issues relevant for the treatment of  EMI
Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, low self esteem, inner conflict, trauma, fear, addiction, Abuse, sexual abuse.

EMI 1 Course Outline

  • The many parts of us. The Whole of us.
  • Conscious, unconscious, systemic, emotions, beliefs, trauma
  • Neuroscience and reprogramming the mind.
  • Advantage of NOT using mental health DSM labels for less serious DSM conditions. The brain has the capacity to rewire and change. This is great news as this makes recovery possible for many.
  • The power of the story.
  • The EM inner family
  • Disturbed EM parts- what goes wrong
  • Emotion body map
  • How to process emotion
  • Trauma
  • Pathways to processing trauma
  • EMI trauma process
  • Healing pathways case studies and group discussions
  • Fight and flight and resolutions.
  • Demonstration and theory of the EMI process
  • Group practice, elicit EM parts, happy sad joyful
  • Beware of the toxic story
  • A vital ingredient-READINESS
  • The change process, mind, body, emotions,
  • EMI interview process
  • Group practice of interview process
  • Locating disturbed EM parts through 3 paths visual, emotion, somatic
Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) Training
EMI 1 Course outline 3 days
EMI 2 Course outline

3 Days


Total EMI training 6 days 36 hours
Certificate for module 1 and 2 EMI

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