Become an RCH Practitioner

Become an RCH Practitioner

Rapid Core Healing Training

Are you looking for a new approach to the healing of the mind?

Would you like to be able to work with a wide range of issues really effectively?

Do you long to have access to cutting edge, knowledge and skills to facilitate self healing?

Would you like to be able to work with systemic and relational issues as well as inner individual conflicts in a seamless and complete way?

Have you ever wondered if its possible to work with trauma and sexual abuse safely and competently?

I introduce Rapid Core Healing

The Yin and Yang of 21 st century psychotherapy

Rapid Core Healing is a fusion of essential elements of the best of the past in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and neuroscience with systemic Family Constellations into a structured and elegant format to enable self healing.

Rapid Core Healing Training (RCH)

Rapid Core Healing Components

Family Constellations

Part 1 Foundation

Part 2 Deepening

Part 1 Foundation -13 days

Part 2- Deepening-

  1. 13 Days Family Constellations
  2. Business Constellations
  3. Wellness and dis-ease Constellations
    3 days

Part 1 & 2 Total 32 days 192 hours

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI )

A neurotrance psychotherapy

EMI 1 -three days

EMI 2 -three days

Total 6 days 36 hours

Rapid Core Healing final modality

RCH Total 3 days 18 hours


Total RCH training 41 days 246 hours experiential training

Choose to do the complete Rapid Core Healing course OR

Family Constellation training OR

Emotional Mind Integration training

This is suitable for those involved in helping people.

Mental Health practitioners, Hypnotherapists, Coaches, those involved in personal development and healing professions such as naturopaths. 

RCH Philosophy

RCH and EMI come out of a philosophy that is highly influenced by Family Constellations. Family Constellations training will enable you to become a Rapid Core Healing Practitioner. This means you gain

  1. Rapid Core Healing
  2. Emotional Mind Integration
  3. Family Constellation training.

These modalities compliment each other as EMI is perfect for individual conflicts and trauma while Family Constellation works with generational patterns. RCH allows you to work seamlessly with a wide range of human personal, relational and generational issues effectively.

Family Constellation theory and practice has greatly informed RCH and EMI philosophy. This means you don’t have to do separate training for specific issues such as depression, anxiety, or parenting, family, couples, sexual abuse or trauma, with each coming from a different philosophical base. RCH is a unified wholistic dual approach to address human need and the human experience. It covers a wide base, hence a wide range of emotional, relational and trauma related issues

Why do we need this change to RCH?

While talk and emotionally focused, expressive therapies, Gestalt, Solution focused, Psychodynamic and CBT and others were revolutionary in their time, they are dated and not equipped to locate deep core issues quickly with accuracy and precision. Further they do not provide specific Healing Pathways for each client’s unique trauma or situation in a unified wholistic approach that is in keeping with up to date neuroscience and epigentics findings.

RCH is a unique dual approach that is explained in great detail in the book Rapid Core Healing.Details  

It is dual as it includes;

  1. Family Constellations to work with systemic and relational issues
  2. EMI  Emotional Mind Integration to work with Person, individual issues that arise in the biography of the individual

This combined approach in one modality is a powerful way of dealing with individuals in a wholistic manner and in helping them on many levels simultaneously, conscious, unconscious, family system, emotionally, intellectually, resolving trauma and inner conflicts, relationships, parenting and  covering a wide range of issues such as, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, low self esteem, inner conflict, trauma, fear, anger, the underlying dynamic for addiction and the recovery of abuse and sexual abuse.

The RCH training involves completing:

  1. Family Constellation training Basic and advanced including Business Constellations and Wellness Constellations.
  2. EMI training Module 1 and Module 2
  3. RCH module Putting it all together for private practice and follow up of Family Constellations or workshop sessions

Delivery of the RCH course will be through Lecture, Power point, Group discussion, exercises, demonstrations, group practice.

The objective of the course is to enable participants to integrate their Family Constellation knowledge and skills with designing and delivering individual treatments of personal inner work in following inner healing pathways in a solution focused and yet a person centred manner that is tailored to each client.

The RCH Program More details

This RCH program consists of one modules of 3 days after completion of Family Constellations and EMI training.

This is a valuable addition to any psychotherapy, counselling or Hypnotherapy qualification in that it is a potent and effective processing philosophy and set of skills to assist people through a wide rang of issues in a relatively short period of time, hence improving your effectiveness with your clients and so improving your business potential as a professional.

RCH for Family Constellations practitioners

See A more Effective way to work for FC practitioners

For Family Constellation practitioners, RCH is an ideal complimentary professional development that provides you with the knowledge and skills to take your practice to a new level of competency and effectiveness for your clients and to improve the quality of your business.

Family Constellations practitioners already know the value of this modality so that including EMI is a relatively natural progression in becoming more knowledgeable and competent in treating your clients in a wholistic manner in being able to work with and assist in resolving a wide range of relations and personal issues relatively quickly. Hence the name Rapid Core Healing.

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Rapid core healing
Rapid Core Healing