About RCH Rapid Core Healing

About RCH Rapid Core Healing

RCH Philosophy

We all require love for wellness.Without it we feel low, blocked, sabotage our dreams and become unwell.

This approach recognises the source of most of the dis-eases and conflicts that we face that are  personal or relational or both.

At Rapid Core Healing we know that each individual is complex with unlimited potential.

So what goes wrong? Blocks or disturbances may occur at any level. The trick is locating the source accurately and quickly so that resolutions and healing pathways may be followed.

The Rapid Core Healing approach as its name suggests locates the source of the issue:

  • Quickly
  • Facilitates finding an appropriate healing path
  • Integrates the resolution into the greater personality

In one session at a time. RCH requires 1,3, 5 sessions for resolution of a wide range of issues

This includes both personal and generational issues in:

Relationships Depression Anxiety Addictions Sexual Abuse Trauma

We recognise that lighter issues may be resolved by counselling or coaching but many issues cannot be resolved at this level.

At Rapid Core Healing our intention is to resolve the core issue rather than attemtp to mange symptoms only.

From an RCH perspective there is no point in trying to resolve an issue at a different level to where it originates. RCH has the philosophy, techniques and practice to locate and facilitate powerful RCH resolutions and self healing on many levels simultaneously.

Development of RCH

I discovered Family Constellations in 2005. This is powerfully transformative for relational and systemic issues. This helped me greatly in helping others. Over time I found this was not the key to all problems as not all issues are systemic. I began to search for another way to deal with non systemic issues. Through a process of sifting, sorting, integrating and the fine-tuning of former modalities with knowledge from neuroscience and epigenetics along with hypnosis, EMI emerged.

This led to the development of RCH. This is  (EMI + Family Constellations)
RCH represents a new direction for the future of psychotherapy and personal growth.

Yildiz Sethi is the creator and founder of the modalities of EMI and RCH

Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is a dual modality of
Family Constellations (FC) and (EMI) Emotional Mind Integration.

1 Family Constellations for family, relational and systems issues.

Family systems issues are deep systemic patterns that exist in family and ancestral consciousness. This process takes place in groups or private sessions.

2 EMI for personal issues.

EMI is a psychotherapeutic hypnotherapy for a wide range of issues and takes place in private sessions.

The personal issues addressed in EMI are those that have occurred through the biography of a person’s life. These may be events, choices, situations and trauma. These are not systemic and would not benefit from a Family Constellation approach.

E.G. a person who carries the trauma of sexual abuse or a car accident at a point in their life in an issue that is personal and often traumatic and does not necessarily have its roots in the family system. These personal may be resolved relatively quickly with EMI in up to 3-5 sessions for most people (excluding more serious DSM5 diagnoses.

This is a brief experiential effective therapy.
Ideal for;

  • relationship resolutions. Singles, couples, family.
  • depression, anxiety, panic attacks
  • resolving inner conflicts.More Details of EMI

What is a systemic issue?

Why do we need this change?

While talk and emotionally focused, expressive therapies, Gestalt, Solution focused, Psychodynamic and CBT and others were revolutionary in their time, they are dated and not equipped to locate deep core issues quickly with accuracy and precision. Further they do not provide specific Healing Pathways for each client’s unique trauma or situation in a unified wholistic approach that is in keeping with up to date neuroscience and epigentics findings.

Even though I love Family Constellations I found not all issues stem from the family system and could not be resolved in this way. So I developed EMI Emotional Mind Integration as a perfect companion for Family Constellations in providing wholistic, effective solutions to living life well.

Resolutions in RCH

Constellation philosophy and practice including Orders of Love and the flow of love, the Givens of humanity, emotional release techniques and Healing pathways are utilised in RCH, Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for speedy deep resolutions that are in keeping with human ego, beliefs, emotions and feelings to connect with life force and the love from the family system to raise self esteem,

Self Esteem

Self esteem and sense of worthiness are vital drivers in life. If they are vibrant, all is well if depleted life becomes a struggle, RCH seeks to raise self esteem.

Yildiz is the creator and innovator of the modalities Rapid Core Healing RCH and Emotional Mind Integration EMI. She has written about RCH, EMI and Family Constellations in her book in great depth showing the philosophy, giving practical case studies and transcripts and also explores where this fits into the psychotherapy field in light of our psychotherapy history, research and developments in the current research in neuroscience and Epigenetics.

Book Details

Rapid Core Healing is a unique dual approach to personal and systemic healing. Emotional Mind Integration EMI for personal, independent issue resolution and Family Constellations (FC) for family system issues  This is a highly effective dual methodology for deep healing resolution and growth.

Private or phone/Skype/Zoom/Facetime programs available

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