RCH Program

RCH Program

You may choose to do the:

  • Whole RCH program (To become a Rapid Core Healing practitioner ALL modules need to be completed). OR
  • The Family Constellation program only OR
  • EMI program only

Rapid Core Healing Program

1 EMI 1 Emotional Mind Integration  3 days
2 EMI 2 Emotional Mind Integration 3 days
3 Family Constellations Part One
9 days plus 4 days workshops
13 days
4 Deepening Family Constellations Part Two
9 days plus 4 days workshopsBusiness Constellations 3 daysWellness Constellations 3days
19 days
  1. RCH Final module 3 days
3 days
Total 41 days

 RCH Training

Family Constellations 32 days

Total 41 days 246 hours

Certificate for Rapid Core Healing after completion of RCH training

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Full RCH Program

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To become a Rapid Core Healing practitioner all modules need to be completed

Rapid Core Healing is a comprehensive course

comprising of: Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellations.

This is a brief dual psychotherapy for relationships, depression, anxiety and panic attacks and trauma.

You may do the whole RCH course and become an RCH practitioner or you may do components of it to add to your existing skills.

1 Become an EMI practitioner

Emotional Mind Integration


EMI   1  3 days
EMI   2  3 Days


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2 Become a Family Constellations practitioner

Part 1 Foundation  13 days
Part 2 Deepening  13 days
Business Constellations  3 Days
Wellness & Disease  3 Days

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3 If you have done Family Constellations part 1 and 2 ad EMI 1 and 2 you may do the final module of RCH and become an RCH  practitioner. 

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Become an RCH practitioner

Conditions of registration in the final RCH module is for those who have completed all Family Constellations training Advanced and EMI 1 and 2

RCH Course Outline

  • EMI process somatic, emotional, visual theory demonstration and practice
  • Integration of EMI processes of somatic, emotional, visual theory demonstration and practice.
  • Integration of Family Constellations with EMI processes
  • Tailoring RCH treatment for individuals
  • Emotional mind resolutions.
  • Healing pathways.
  • Integration Family Constellations and EMI
  • Deciding which comes first EMI or Family Constellations or counselling
  • Where is RCH NOT appropriate?

RCH course Objectives

The objective of the course is to enable participants to integrate their knowledge of Family Constellations workshop and private sessions with Emotional mind integration in order to gain a rounded wholistic knowledge and skill to work with individuals wholistically with both relational, ancestral and personal issues.

Each course is ACE  and IICT approved. You will be able to be registered as a practitioner and have insurance for your practice with IICT International Institute of Complementary  Therapists.

RCH Skills

  • Recognize if the issue presented in individual or systemic.
  • Be able to use FC and EMI skills and knowledge competently.
  • Integrate FC and EMI skills and knowledge whern required.
  • Integrate troubled EM states and systemic consciousness into the personality

RCH Course presentation

Delivery of the course will be through Lecture, Power point, Group discussion, exercises, demonstrations, group practice.

Issues relevant for the treatment of  RCH

Inner conflicts, mental health issues such a depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, trauma, the underlying dynamics of addiction and the recovery of sexual abuse and couples, family and relationship issues.

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