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Rapid Core Healing
The powerful solution to freedom and health. For Relationships, emotional issues, changing mind-set and growth.


Why I Do What I Do What motivates the founder Yildiz Sethi
Rapid Core Healing is a Neuro Trance psychotherapy,
A unique hypnosis and psychotherapy combination for fast change.
Hypnotherapy for, resolution and growth founded and facilitated by Yildiz Sethi.

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Personal Growth and Healing sessions Training in
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for people who help people or are interested in the human psyche


 “Its never too late to Heal from the Past and Grow into the Future with Acceptance and Love.”  from my book Rapid Core Healing (2016) Details 

Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is  a revolutionary wholistic and effective approach for

  1. Family and relationship, Read More
  2. Mental and emotional healing (Mind matters and Emotional matters)Read more
  3. Personal development and Personal growth.  Read More

RCH is a unique dual approach for working with patterns and trauma that we carry from our family systems and also the disturbed emotional mind states that come from living. This includes depression, anxiety, panic attacks, relationships, trauma, the underlying dynamics of addiction, sexual abuse and blocks to success.

At RCH we focus on the Mind but also the Heart and Soul of an issue for deep resolutions.

Many spend a considerable amount of time and money in professional development, coaching, counselling or psychotherapy and yet those more stubborn issues or blocks remain intact.  This is because deeper issues reside in the unconscious mind or the family system and may not be accessed through these methodologies. RCH is equipped to work in a fast, elegant and wholistic way to assist  you in making the changes you require.

You don’t have to spend months in therapy as most of my clients require only 3-5 sessions t make the changes they require. 


“I want you to know how effective my session was last week. So profound to find relief from physical symptoms as well as the emotional pain in one treatment. I had a meeting with my brother on Wed night and I was calm and focused and relieved of my reactive response Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart!” Karen

“My anxiety was debilitating when I cam to see Yildiz. I had tried so many other treatments to no avail. Just a few sessions later I feel so much better. I can’t thank you enough.” David.

“We were about to separate when we went onto the RCH couples therapy approach. This has been so reviewing and so helpful in dealing with each of our personal issues and in helping us to relate in a better way. Our relationship has turned around and we are able to make plans for a future together.I strongly recommend RCH couples therapy to anyone who needs relationship help.” Sarah and John

“I have suffered depression for many years and thought I simply had to put up with it. Yildiz’s approach has helped me come out of depression in just a few sessions. Its like the lights have gone on again and I am excited about each new day. What a gift”. Terry

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Use the power of the mind

Yildiz has over seventeen years of clinical experience of counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and has made it her business to find modalities that work in helping you make the changes you want, come out of suffering or grow.


Book Details

Rapid Core Healing is a unique dual approach to personal and systemic healing. Emotional Mind Integration EMI for personal, independent issue resolution and Family Constellations (FC) for family system issues  This is a highly effective dual methodology for deep healing resolution and growth.

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